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Ball Rush

About Ball Rush


Moving continuously on neon roads is what you need to do in Ball Rush. The graphics are very simple but give you a sense of excitement. You will move at breakneck speed until you are hit by sharp spikes on the road. This game has the same gameplay as Slope Game. However, it contains more interesting features. Let's explore Ball Rush now!

Challenge your skills with spikes in Ball Rush

In this game, you do not encounter many different types of obstacles. Do not rush to rejoice when tons of spikes are waiting for you on the way. This road will be divided into two lanes. You will have to shift lanes to fight these sharp spikes. You must navigate the ball as fast as you can to dodge the coming spikes. Each thorn will be marked with a number. The more thorns you pass, the more points you get. Usually, the normal player won't get a high score. Only skilled players can do this. Are you one of them? The diamonds on the road will be very useful for you. Let's collect as much as possible.

Discover more highlights of Ball Rush

  • This game offers a lot of skins for your ball. These skins are also divided into many categories such as secret, rank, epic, rare, and normal. The normal balls are the cheapest ball that can be unlocked by diamonds.
  • The game allows you to play it many times. The more you play, the more you hone your skills. Then, you can earn more diamonds and buy more skins.
  • In addition, you can also track more information in the stats section. You can see your progress, average result, record, and statistics by time (games played, overall result, record, etc).

How to control

Use the mouse or arrow keys to shift lanes.

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