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Baldi's Basics

About Baldi's Basics


Baldi's Basics is a strange horror game you should try. You will experience a unique game parodying outdated educational games with ugly graphics.

Features of the game Baldi's Basics

The main character in this game

Baldi is the scary character you must defeat in this game. His appearance is so scary and weird that it haunts you. He is a scary and crazy teacher. You will be assigned math problems by Baldi. These are weird problems, not all of them can be solved. If you answer incorrectly, Baldi will chase you and use the ruler to hit you. You have to be careful when walking around school because Baldi can hear everything and find you quickly.


This game has realistic 3D graphics. You will experience a school space with many different empty rooms. The large and empty space makes you feel nervous. The music of this game increases the drama.

Your duties

The gameplay of the game is really attractive. You have to face scary, dangerous horror characters and thrilling situations. Your mission is to collect notebooks and leave the school before Baldi finds you. You must collect seven notebooks in the school by exploring the classrooms. You also need to solve arithmetic problems, although not all of them can be solved. Crazy teacher Baldi will chase and attack you if you answer incorrectly. Before Baldi finds you, you must find a way to escape the school.

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