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Arrow Fest

About Arrow Fest


Arrow Fest is the game encourages you to use your arrows ! Now is the time for you to hone your aiming skills, but instead of just one arrow, you will have tens of them. Because this is not a traditional "bull's eye" sort of arrow game, you should brace yourself to be startled and ensure that you are ready for hundreds of arrows.

This is a math-based platform game in which you will make decisions about your own fate and pick several paths to go. At the outset, you will be provided with a predetermined quantity of arrows. Your mission is to multiply all of these arrows until you have an unlimited supply of arrows. If you have a greater number of arrows at the conclusion of the game, you will be rewarded with extra coins. When it comes to unlocking new skins, upgrading the arrow numbers that appear at the beginning of each level, or collecting more money, these coins will come in very helpful. When you are on the platform, you will have the opportunity to pick between two portals to go through at certain points. You have a limited amount of time to determine which mathematical procedure applied to those gateways will provide the best results for the arrow count. It is important not to forget that there will be certain characters on your path that, if you collide with them, will cause you to lose some arrows. Now it's time to be ready to improve your arrow game, and then we'll see how many levels you can finish. Good luck!


  • Graphics in vivid three dimensions.
  • Multiple levels to accomplish
  • Skills in mathematics are required to pass the test.
  • Skins and upgrades to unlock

How to play

You may move your arrows through the platform by dragging them with the mouse in a sideways motion.

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