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About 3Dash


3Dash is a unique version developed from the game Geometry Dash. In this game, you will experience an incredible sliding space. Let's get started and enjoy the fun!

Features of 3Dash game

3Dash game is a great game with novel features that cannot be missed.

Brand new sliding space challenge

3Dash gives players difficulties on tracks full of three-dimensional obstacles. This game is best suited for players with precise controls and strong reflexes.

Multi-level game

There are six progressively more difficult game stages, and each level offers a different gameplay element. Unlike traditional platform games, the player must first complete the first level to get used to the controls. In '3Dash', the character's camera rotates around them, so players must stay focused and react quickly to move across platforms and overcome obstacles.


To jump, use the Space key or the mouse. When you quickly estimate the distance from the character to the next landing location, pay attention to the appropriate jump time.

Some useful tips for you

The key to success in '3Dash' is the ability to master speed. Since timing is everything, perfect your run to perfection to help you overcome obstacles and complete each level with precision.

Take a three-dimensional look: Don't be afraid to investigate the entire three-dimensional area of every level.

Use practice mode: To help you practice the challenging parts of a level, practice mode allows you to set checkpoints with the Z key and clear them with the X key.

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